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pH Scale

Body's pH 

The bodys ideal pH range is 7.4-8, which is  alkaline. A body is  ideally hydrated with  water, with a similar ph.   Plants and  animals also function best in the same alkaline ph range.  The bodys ph level  is found by testing  body saliva, blood or urine.

Whats pH Imbalance?
Blood pH higher than 7. is alkaline and lower than 7.35 is unhealthy for the body pH below 7.34 is still technically alkaline but referred to as "acidic" fpr the body. Very small movements in pH levels significantly change the amount of acid in the blood, which interferes with normal bodily functions. Several factors can change pH levels in the dosy. The for most cause are wrong foods  or drinks consumed over time.  Diseases are a symptom of nutrition imbalances.  Medications, kidney function and urinary tract infections also cause ph imbalances. 

Ideal Body ph

The normal blood pH balance in the human body is between 7.35 and 7.45 form adult human saliva or 7 to 7. 4 in urine.  Children's levels are slightly higher.. Blood pH represents the concentration of hydrogen ions in the blood, and pH stands for power of hydrogen. It also represents oxygen level in the liquid

Danger of Acidic Body ph

The lower the pH , 1-7, the more acidic and oxygen deprived the fluid is. In some cases people have died having acidic ph. This source claims a person does if persons ph becomes 6.5 or lower. ( Wickapedia "  If unchecked, metabolic acidosis leads to academia, i.e., blood pH is low (less than 7.35) due to increased production of hydrogen ions by the body or the inability of the body to form bicarbonate (HCO3) in the kidney. Its causes are diverse, and its consequences can be serious, including coma and death."

 My own pH was 5.9 when diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer in 2008.  Soon afterward I learned to adjust my Bodys pH level, one of several factors which contributed to my  recovering quickly from cancer.

Ideal Children's pH

Children's pH levels are similar to ideal  adult pH levels with less tolerance for deviation. Adjusting diet quickly adjusts the level.  Low , (acidic) levels are unhealthy and if prolonged compromise the immune system and the bodes ability to maintain a healthy balance.

Adjusting Body pH

Adjusting body pH to a healthy  alkaline pH can be accomplished within days.  It requires omitting acidic foods and drinks and consuming healthy replacements. Details can be found at for Do's and Dont's. including recipes and eating plan sample.

Maintaining Body ph

Maintaining a proper pH Balance, or alkaline body pH is as easy as eating right. Which is difficult for many of us.  Many of us have developed bad nutrition habits which are difficult to break.   I was given a death sentence in 2008 whereby with that kind of incentive  I learned what foods I needed to omit and which ones to immediately incorporate in my diet.

My original concern was how expensive I thought it would be to eat right. This was untrue.  I learned it was no more expensive. What was difficult was overcoming my cravings for sugar and processed foods which convert to sugar in the body. ( Some say sugar is  as hard as getting off heroin and will one day be outlawed!)
Details are outlined at

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